KAIKOURA (In the Maori language Kai means food and Koura means Crayfish or the New Zealand Rock Lobster) lies between the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range and the Pacific Ocean and has become world-renowned for its fantastic array of marine life.

In Kaikoura you can take a Whale Watch tour to see the Giant Sperm Whales, resident off the coast all year round, or go swimming with the acrobatic Dusky Dolphins or the comical NZ Fur Seals.

You could take a fishing charter and catch Lobster and fish for your dinner or a boat tour to see the amazing array of Pelagic birds, including the majestic Albatross. Watch the sun rise out of the sea and set behind the mountains. See the Fur seals basking on the rocks at the Seal Colony or the little Hectors Dolphins feeding along the beaches just behind the waves.

There are leisurely strolls along the beachfront to admire the scenery or walks and hikes for the more adventurous. Learn about Maori culture, explore a cave, go surfing, quadbiking, horse trekking, play golf, sample local wines or dine out at some of our fantastic cafes and restaurants and at the end of the day a comfy bed....... So make Brook House B&B your base to explore this amazing part of New Zealand.

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